Sunday, September 14, 2008

For many years I have been a motivational speaker and after each engagement people would ask if I had a way for them to contact me for advice or information from my talks.  After a recent conference in Canada, members from the audience approached me once again and asked for a way to keep in touch.  Not having anything but a paper and pen, I tore off pieces of paper from my purse and scribbled my contact info.  As we drove home I realized it was time to get a website or a blog set up, make some cards to hand out next time this was requested and finally begin to work on the book that I have been trying to write for many years.  Now after these many experiences, although I still have some hesitancy, I am excited to let this part of my life begin. My interest in motivational speaking and counseling others came from a life of hardship.  However, from these tough times I have learned vital lessons that I wouldn’t have learned any other way. These experiences have taught me to help and connect with others who are struggling in a similar way.  By helping others seek hope past their trials it not only has helped me overcome my past, but ultimately aids others in overcoming their obstacles as well.  I am a survivor.  Although I have been a victim of incest, cancer and numerous health problems that cause pain to be an unforgiving, constant companion, I am happy and grateful for these challenges.  Because of this, I am much more patient and compassionate.  I no longer judge others as I once did. I realize that you can’t tell at first glance if someone is suffering internally by what they show on the outside. Many people suffer in silence feeling that they are the only ones who have ever experienced this or have had this problem. That is a terrible feeling to feel alone and hopeless. Just knowing one other person who has gone through and survived a similar experience somehow provides you more hope.  With the opportunity to begin this blog, I offer a reason for all of us to hope and to get up everyday.  This is my purpose, to make a difference in someone’s life so they truly know they aren’t alone, have a purpose, and can find joy in their lives. That is the reason why we are here, to help and serve each other.